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Let's Take a Hike


Have you heard about our new service yet?  If not, you definitely want to read on so your pet doesn’t miss out!  Petite Paws is now offering Nature Hikes.  We are truly excited to be able to provide this to our customers and their pets.  This has been such a fun way to bond and connect with our guests.  

Petite Paw’s location has always been a bit of a challenge for us because we are not conveniently located in town.  While this appears to be a hindrance, it actually is a blessing in disguise as it lends us the opportunity to offer such unique services to our guests.  We always strive to provide the best quality service, but also want to offer experiences that you cannot get anywhere else.  Nothing says quality service and unique opportunities quite like a one-on-one Nature Hike with one of our trained staff members, and where are you going to find that in town?!


Our half mile Nature Trail is located on Petite Paws Property.  It starts just to the front of our facility and winds itself through a wooded trail that provides beautiful scenery and all sorts of enriching smells and sounds for your pet to enjoy while on their hike.  It consists of uphill and downhill sections and even passes by a water front view.  While this trail can be challenging it truly is for pets of all age and activity levels.  It’s really been so fun watching these dogs while out on these hikes.  It gives them an experience some may not have the opportunity to receive anywhere else.  


Since these hikes take place outside our facility we have taken every precaution in our staff training and equipment choice to make sure your pet stays safe while on their off road adventure. We provide the harness and leash that your pet will wear during their hikes.  This equipment is from Blue 9 Pet Products and we have chosen their Balance Harness and Multi-Function Leash as our in-house equipment.  We have used many products over our years of working with dogs and this is by far the best.  We have harnesses for dogs of all sizes, and with hunting season in full swing we even have safety orange!  

We have been so pleased with the overwhelming response we have received since beginning to offer Nature Hikes.  The dogs have loved them just as much!  By allowing your pet to participate in an activity such as this can greatly reduce many stress factors that some dogs may experience when away from their normal environment.  It is also such beneficial exercise that can (and will) improve their eating and resting behaviors.

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Many have asked if there are any specific requirements their dog must have in order to go on a hike.  The answer is NO...while it is good if they have some knowledge of a leash it is not required.  Our staff is well trained to handle dogs of a variety of leash training levels.  

Training Tip: Did you know that by regularly walking your dog 3-5 times per week for 20-30 minutes greatly reduces behavioral problems?  It's true...such a simple fix for a variety of problems, however, consistency is the key.  

So don’t hesitate the next time your pet is scheduled to stay at Petite Paws to select a Nature Hike service for them.  You will be so glad that you did and your pet will thank you for it!

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