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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often will my pet go outside?

    We provide 4 walks per day in our large, grassy, fenced yards.

  2. How long will my pet get to say outside during each walk?

    Their outside time will last 15-20 min per walk. The length of time will vary depending on the number of guests we have and the outside weather.

  3. My dog doesn't like other dogs. Can they go outside by themselves?

    They sure can. We do not try to force any guest to participate in a group if they are uncomfortable. We will walk them alone.

  4. When will my pet be fed during their stay?

    We offer 2 feeds per day (morning around 8:00am & evening around 4:00pm) with the option to add a mid day feeding if your pet requires it. We will take your feeding instructions of your pet at check-in and then apply during their stay.

  5. Can you seperate my pets during feeding if they share a suite?

    Absolutely! Just let us know that during your check-in process.

  6. Do you provide dog & cat food?

    Yes we do for a fee of a $1.00 per cup. However, we do recommend that you bring your pets’ food from home to help not upset their stomach.

  7. How often will my pets’ suite be cleaned?

    Your pets suite is cleaned every time they are outside. It is replenished with clean bedding (if necessary) and fresh water. We also do spot checks throughout the day. If there has been an accident rest assured that it will be cleaned up quickly.

  8. How do you clean their suites?

    We use a veterinary grade disinfectant to thoroughly sanitize each suite!

  9. Do the dogs bark all the time?

    No! They are actually very calm and quiet once they get used to our routine. They, of course, are more vocal during feeding and walking times.

  10. Do you all have grooming?

    No, we do not offer a full grooming service. We do offer bathing packages & nail trims.

  11. Can I pick up on Sunday?

    Yes you can! We are open 7 days per week from 7:00-11:00am & 2:00-6:00pm for your pick up & drop off convenience!

  12. When do I pay?

    You can pay by cash, check, or credit card at the time of pick-up. If you are going to have someone else pick up your pet you can pay ahead of time over the phone.

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