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Enhance Your Pet's Delight with Our Baked Treats!

Indulge your furry friend in a delightful assortment of flavors with our meticulously baked treats crafted from fresh ingredients.

baked treats

Chill Out with Our Frozen Delights!

Treat your pet to a cool and refreshing experience with our range of seasonal flavors available during their stay at Petite Paws. 

Frozen Treat

Engage and Delight Your Pet with Kong Treats!

Looking for a tasty and entertaining solution to keep your pet occupied? Look no further than our Kong Treats! Packed with seasonal ingredients, these treats provide a delightful and mentally stimulating experience as your pet works through each layer to savor the deliciousness within.


Satisfy Your Pet's Cravings with a Lick Mat!

If your pet finds the challenge of retrieving treats from a Kong a bit too puzzling, a Lick Mat is the perfect alternative. Offering the same delightful results, a Lick Mat provides a less challenging way for your furry friend to enjoy the tasty treat, ensuring a satisfying experience without the added complexity.

lick pad

Treat Your Pup to a Classic Delight – Pup Cup with Biscuit!

Elevate your pup's stay with us by indulging them in the quintessential vacation treat – a Pup Cup & Biscuit! Each Pup Cup is generously filled with dairy-free whipped cream and crowned with a delectable biscuit, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience for your furry companion.

pup cup


* All treats are homemade with pet safe ingredients.  Please make sure you note any food allergies your pet may have.



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