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Elevate Your Pup's Experience with an Agility Mini Session!

Discover the thrill of Agility Training - a fantastic way to boost confidence, enchane balance, conquer new obstacles, and expend that extra energy.  Engaging both mind and body, Agility Training promotes mental and physical fitness, requiring your pup to "think" as they skillfully "work" through each challenge.

While Agility may not suit every breed, most find joy in participating.  If you believe your pup is ready for a stimulating challenge, don't miss the opportunity to add Agility Training to their reservation.

During their session, your furry friend will embark on a journey of learning and practicing each obstacle.  Let them unleash their potential in a fun and interactive setting.


Celebrate Your Pet's Special Day with our Birthday PAW-ty Package!

We absolutely adore hosting PAW-tys, especially then it's your pet's birthday!  If your furry friend has a birthday during their stay with us, please inform us, and choose from the delightful options below to make their BIG DAY even more extraordinary!

Select from the following Birthday Packages, and we'll take care of all the supplies and staff needed for the option you choose:

  • Birthday Treat: A special treat to pamper your pet on their birthday
  • Birthday Treat with Friends: Extend the celebration by including treats to your pet and their furry friends.
  • Birthday PAW-ty: Go all out with our comprehensive Birthday PAW-ty package for the ultimate celebration!

Let us know your choice, and we'll ensure your pet's birthday is filled with joy, treats, and memorable moments!

birthday party

Elevate Your Pet's Experience with K9 Enrichment Daycare

Our K9 Enrichment Daycare is thoughtfully crafted to maximize the enjoyment of your furry family members during their stay with us.  This program goes beyond the ordinary, aiming to minimize your pet's stress and anxiety, enhance socialization skills with both dogs and humans, support a healthy appetite, and ensure they enjoy a restful sleep.

By opting for K9 Enrichment Daycare as an add-on to your pet's reservation, you're investing in their overall well-being.  Treat your beloved companion to an enriching experience that not only makes their time with us more enjoyable but also comtributes to their mental and physical health.

Choose K9 Enrichment Daycare to provide your pet with extra care, attention, and activities that will make their stay exceptional!

Learn more about the Benefits of Canine Enrichment!


Experience the Joy of Monthly Crafts!

Every month, our guests have the opportunity to unleash their creativity by crafting a unique seasonal masterpiece.  Don't miss out on adding this one-of-a-kind keepsake to your pet's stay - it's a delightful way to capture their artistic side.  Get ready to be amazed at your PAW-cassos!

Note: If your pet is enrolled in K9 Enrichment, they're already on the list to create the monthly craft at no extra cost.


Embark on an Adventure with a Nature Hike!

Give your pet an "Off Road" experience by scheduling a Nature Hike during their stay.  Our nature trail is situated on PPPH property and offers an exciting outdoor adventure.  All participating guests will be securely harnessed and leashed using PPPH's chosen equipment.

This invigorating activity is subject to weather conditions, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all furry explorers.  Don't miss the chance to let your pet embrace the great outdoors with a Nature Hike at PPPH!


Join the Festivities with Our Seasonal PAW-ty!

Indulge in the excitement of our special and seasonal events, distinct from our regular K9 Enrichment activities.  Each PAW-ty promises a delightful experience, featuring digital pictures on your pet's report card, a tasty snack, and engaging games.  Your pup won't want to miss out on the seasonal fun!

Our PAW-tys are thoughtfully designed for small groups or private gatherings, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience for every furry attendee.  Check availability now to secure a spot for your pet in these memorable seasonal celebrations!

Easter Pawty

Capture the Moment with Our Seasonal Photo Sessions!

Immerse your pets in the joy of monthly themed photo opportunities all year round.  These delightful snapshots are not just moments but cherised memories that you'll treasure for years to come.  As part of this experience, you'll receive a high-quality digital photo of your pet, perfectly reflecting the essence of the current season.  The photo will be personalized with your pet's name and the year, adding a touch of uniqueness to the keepsake.

Don't miss the chance to create lasting memories with our Seasonal Photo Sessions - because every season deserves its own special snapshop!

seasonal photos 

Dive into Refreshing Fun with our Splash Pad Experience!

Is your pup a water enthusiast? Treat them to the ultimate Splash Pad fun! Your pet will relish their exclusive time on our splash pad, indulging in a cool and refreshing escape during the hot months.

Note: This invigorating service is seasonal and subject to weather conditions, ensuring your pet's safety and enjoyment. Don't miss the chance to let your furry friend make a splash with this delightful and weather-permitting activity!  This service is available annually from April to November.


Convenient Pet Transportation with Our Pet Taxi Service!

For busy pet parents, our Pet Taxi service ensures a seamless commute to and from our facility for all scheduled services. If it's your first time using this service, schedule a meet & greet with our facility manager to determine if the Pet Taxi is the right fit for your furry companion.

Choose from our flexible options:

  • One Way: Perfect for a single-leg journey to or from our facility.
  • Round Trip: Enjoy the convenience of a complete to-and-fro service for your pet.


Additional Services

  •  Facility Wet Food
  •  Facility Dry Food
  •  Pro-Pectalin Probiotic
  •  Cap Star

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