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Luxury Overnight Boarding

Single Suite

Enhance your pet's stay with our Single Suites, available in sizes ranging from 3 x 8.5 feet to 5 x 6 feet. These are spacious accommodations ensuring your pet has ample room. Whether your furry friend is a solo traveler or part of a pet family, our Single Suites cater to their needs.

Suite Comes Furnished with:

  • Kuranda Bed - for added comfort additional blakets can be added upon request
  • Food & Water Bowls

Please note that a maximum of 2 guests is allowed per single suite, and they must be from the same family to ensure a harmonious shared space. Your pet deserves the best, and our Single Suites offer both comfort and convenience for their stay.

Presidential Suite

Indulge your pet in the ultimate luxury with our Presidential Suite, generously sized at 5 x 12 feet. Perfect for large pets, accommodating multiple companions, or those who simply prefer extra space, this suite offers a lavish retreat. 

Suite Comes Furnished with:

  • Kuranda Bed - for added comfort additional blankets can be added upon request
  • Food & Water Bowls

Please note that the Presidential Suite has a maximum occupancy of 4 guests and may not always be available during peak boarding times. To maintain a harmonious environment, all guests sharing the suite must be from the same family. Treat your pet to an upscale experience in our Presidential Suite, where spaciousness meets indulgence.

Cat Condo

Elevate your cat's stay with our exclusive cat condos designed for feline guests. These multi-level havens provide ample napping options for your furry friend. Our cat condos boast a dedicated ventilation system to ensure a fresh and comfortable environment, and each comes with a private litter box for added privacy.

Your cat's well-being is our priority, and we provide cozy bedding along with food and water bowls for their ultimate comfort. To maintain a serene atmosphere, we limit each condo to a maximum of 2 feline guests, all of whom must belong to the same family. Treat your cat to a delightful retreat in our thoughtfully designed cat condos, where luxury meets feline-friendly features.

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Standard Overnight Stay Includes:

Our standard overnight stay package goes beyond the basics to provide your pet with a delightful and well-rounded stay. Here's what's included:

  • Four Daily Walks: Your furry friend will enjoy invigorating outings in one of our secure fenced yards.
  • Two Daily Feedings: We tailor our guests' meals according to the information provided by their owners.
  • Personalized Report Card: At the conclusion of your pet's stay, you'll receive a detailed report card, offering insights into their activities and overall experience.

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Prepare for Your Pet's Stay with Ease!

Uncertain about what to pack for your pet's upcoming stay with us? We've got you covered! Click on the link below to access a detailed and printable checklist. It includes everything you need to ensure your pet's comfort and well-being during their time with us.

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