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What Will Your Pet Need

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Please bring only the amount that is required for the length of your pets stay. We do not have storage space for large food bags. We do reccomend you bring a little extra in case of a delay in your plans.  It is also helpful to have all meals pre-bagged and labeled.  

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If your dog has certain treats that he/she likes its always good to bring those. Please DO NOT bring any raw hide chews as they are considered a high choking hazard. Make sure that all treats brought are properly sized for your pet and allows for easily chewing and proper digestion.

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Favorite Toy

You are welcome to bring a toy to entertain your pet, however, please do not bring any flat or very thin toys. Please make sure that any toys your bring are properly sized for your pet to ensure their safety.

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Please bring any medication your pet is taking. Note - if you pet requires an injection, they must be pre-approved to stay with us by the owner or manager. Make sure that all medication is labeled with clear instructions on how and when to administer.

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New Client Paperwork

If this is your first visit or for a new family pet, you can pre-register your pet online before any reservation is needed. Vet records can also be submitted online before your pet's stay with us.

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No Bedding

Please DO NOT bring pet bedding or any additional items from home. Much like a human hotel, we have everything your pet may need. All of our suites are equipped with Kuranda beds, and we have a large supply of blankets, comforters, and beds of all sizes. We will happily provide your pet with something comparable from home. Just let us know your preference when you check in.

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Vaccination Records

Current copy of your pets vaccination records.  Puppies must be at least 16 weeks old and FULLY vaccinated before they can stay at Petite Paws. 

Vaccine Records can be uploaded through the Gingr App by uploading them to your account, emailing a copy directly to your account by emailing petitepaws@shots.pet, or by emailing our facility directly by emailing reservations@petitepawspethotel.com


  • Bordetella (6 Months / yearly)
  • DHLPP (yearly, or 3 year)
  • Lepto (yearly)
  • Fecal Exam (yearly)
  • Rabies (yearly or 3 year)
  • K9 Influenza initial shot, K9 Booster shot (2-4 weeks after initial shot), Then annual K9 Influenza Vaccine.


  • Feline Leukemia & Test (must be negative)
  • Rabies (yearly or 3 year)

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