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Overnight Stays

We know that your dogs and cats are a part of your family. Our professional, animal-loving staff is dedicated to providing your best friend the highest quality of care possible while adhering to his or her needs and your requirements. Our modern, cutting edge services and amenities include hotel-style boarding in a safe, healthy and happy environment. 

Overnight Stays, Dog Suites and Cat Condos

When your pet is staying with us, you can rest assured knowing they are in good hands with us in our hotel-style suites.

Single Suites

  • Our Single Suites range in size from 3 x 8.5 feet to 5 x 6 feet in size. They allow plenty of room for 2 Kuranda beds and still gives your pet the ability to move around comfortably. A single suite will accommodate multiple pets depending on their size. We do limit 4 guests per single suite. (All guests sharing a suite MUST be from the same family)

Presidential Suites

  • If you have a large pet, are boarding multiple pets together, or simply want your pet to have more room, our Presidential Suite at 5 x 12 feet, would be a great option. We do limit 6 guests per Presidential Suite, and they are not always available during peak boarding times. (All guests sharing a suite MUST be from the same family)

Cat Condos

  • We also have 2 cat condos for our feline guests. They are multi-level design so your cat will have plenty of napping options. Our cat condos are equipped with their own ventilation system and private litter box. We limit our condos to 3 felines guests per condo. (All guests sharing a suite MUST be from the same family)

All pets staying overnight should be picked up between 7:00am - 11:00am on their scheduled pick-up day to avoid any afternoon fees. See Afternoon Pick-Up Fees below.

Doggie Daycare

In addition to our overnight stays, we also offer Day Stays if you just need a place for your fur baby to hang out while at work, shopping, entertaining company, home repairs, etc. A Day Stay can be dropped off anytime between 7:00am - 11:00am and picked up between 2:00pm - 6:00pm on the SAME DAY. If your plans change and your pet needs to stay overnight, you will be charged the appropriate rate per night for boarding.  Our Day Stay guests will enjoy outside playtime and some R&R in one of our suites.  

Overnight & Daycare Fees

Animal Suite Type Length Rate Per
Each Addtl.
Pet Sharing
Dog Single Suite Day $14 $6
Dog Single Suite Overnight* $28 $12
Dog Presidential Suite Overnight* $38 $12
Cat Condo Overnight* $22 $8

* For overnight stay pick-up details, see Afternoon Pick-Up Fees below.
- All pets sharing must be from the same family.
- Presidential Suites may not available during peak boarding times.

Afternoon Pick-Up Fees for Overnight Stays

All pets staying overnight will need to be picked up between 7:00am - 11:00am on their scheduled pick-up day to avoid any afternoon fees. If you have to pick up between 2:00pm - 6:00pm, you will be charged the afternoon pick-up fee for each pet staying with us.

Animal Suite Type Afternoon Fee Afternoon Fee for
Each Pet Sharing a Suite
Dog Single Suite $14 $6
Dog Presidential Suite $19 $6
Cat Condo $11 $4


Additional Services

Administration of Medication
3 or less meds during regular shift times (meds include: topical, pills, drops) FREE
4 or more meds during regular shift (meds include: topical, pills, drops) $2.00 per Day
Clients whose pet takes specialty meds (such as insulin shot) or requires medication not during a regular shift time. These guests must be pre-approved to stay with us. $5.00 per Day
Dog Food
In-House Dog Food. We offer lamb and rice based dry food as our house food. We do recommend that all overnight guests stay on their at-home diet. $1.00 per cup
Seasonal Activity
Your pet will enjoy a one-on-one extra activity session.  These activities are seasonal.  (Examples: Seasonal Photo Session, Pool Time, Extra Outdoor Play Session) $5.00 per session
Snack Time
Your pet will receive a daily specialty snack. We have delicious seasonal flavors to choose from.   $1.00 per treat

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